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Patina Copper Ideas and Tips

The Patina Copper sheets are created using a method that mimics the natural aging process of time called the "Earth Burial" patina process. This is a combination of earth, chemicals and fire. The artisans have taken over a decade to develop this method and pulls from their knowledge of woodworking, copper smithing, casting and firing. Their creations are absolutely magical! The Patina Copper sheets come in 36 and 24 gauge. The Embossed Patina Copper sheets are 36 gauge.

Variations in color and color pattern occur per patina finish, more in some than others. Select an individual finish to see information about that finishes variability. Please note that each sheet is unique and varies some but stays in the general palatte pictured.

All the Patina Copper sheets have a protective coating of wax or lacquer. Please note that the sealer used on each patina is listed with each piece for reference.If you are wanting to put additional protection on your piece that has a wax coating, use a paste wax only. This can be anything from  Renniasance Wax to Johnson's Floor Wax as long as it is a paste style wax. Check out our paste wax that comes with application and buffing cloths. The Verde and Azul finishes get a bit darker as the wax is applied so you might want to try a test piece first.

The Azul and Verde patinas are the most sensitive of all the patinas in terms of working with them. Their finish sits more on the surface while the others are more imbedded into the copper.  What this means, is that some of the patina can flake off when cutting, dapping or forming the copper. You can decrease this possibility by adding an additional coat or two of wax before working with it. If you would like to recoat a piece that has been lacquered, please use a spray lacquer in your choice of sheen that you can buy from a Home Depot or Lowes hardware store.

The 24 gauge Copper can be worked like other metals of its gauge. Use metal shears and metal guillitone cutter to cut,  disc cutter, drill, metal punch pliers  to create holes and shapes and dapping blocks and mandrels to form. Attach with rivets, glue and micro screws. We use E-6000 for a longer working time needed when gluing copper to cuffs and a quick dry metal glue for instant satisfaction such as gluing the Copper into bezels. Because the Patina Copper is distorted by heat, soldering and heating is not recommended as the patina will become dark form scale. However, some folks have had some luck using low heat to soften work hardened pieces without distorting the patina and we have also heard some good results when using a heat resist chemical on the Copper when soldering. Please test before hand.

All the Patina Copper can be tumbled, however, they can loose some of their color. The Verde and Azul loose more color than any of the others.The loose about 50%, while the other finishes loose about 5-20% of their color with 20 minutes of steel shot tumbling. This is not a reason to avoid the tumbler as some folks actually prefer the look after tumbling.

patina copper cuffs

We took some Nunn Designs bangles and cuffs and glued our Patina copper and Embossed Patina Copper pieces in the channel for gorgeous easy to make bracelets. Use our 2x10 inch pieces of Copper with these channel bracelets along with E-6000 glue. If the glue oozes out of the channel, let it dry and then rub and pull off excess. On the cuffs, let the copper hang over the ends by 1/2-1 inch when gluing. Then, come back when the glue is dry and trim the rounded ends with scissors.


These sheets can add a striking beauty and colorful playfulness to any creation. Set in bezels, layer for jewelry, decorate scrapbooks and journals, add to mixed media, fiber art, crafts and woodworking.

patina copper pendant examples.gif

Layering both the Patina Copper with Embossed Copper create style and interest. Add found objects, beads, shell and other embellishments. Both the Patina and Embossed Copper look fantastic under resin! The colors actually deepen and have a wonderful richness and glow.


patin copper bezel instructions

We  love the look of the Embossed Patina Copper on a brass cuff. We use E-6000 to glue the metal to the cuff and snack bag clips or rubber bands to hold the metal in place while drying. Avoid using all types of tapes on the Copper as this can pull the finish off.

patina copper cuff transformation

The cuff is stylish with just the Embossed Copper on it.  However, a little embellishment really dresses it up. Here we used one of our shell donuts, a round copper disc that we domed to hold the donut in place and a pearl and headpin rivet to hold it all together. Use our 3x6 inch sheets with our brass cuffs.


patina copper cuffs

We crimped some of our 3"x6" Patina Copper and glued it on to a brass cuff. We also rolled some of our Patina Copper sheets into tubes and glued them on to this cuff finishing it off with some waxed linen thread.